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A Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Future

Choosing a financial advisor is a major decision. That’s why you’ll appreciate the fact that Susan is not “just” an experienced Investment Advisor Representative, Life/Health Agent and retirement planning expert. She’s also a Fiduciary who is legally bound to always act in your best interests, only providing recommendations that she believes are the best fit for you.

This is important, because advisors who are not Fiduciaries can select investments based on which will result in the biggest fees for them.

There’s a lot more to financial planning than deciding how to invest your assets.

Check out the benefits 

Susan’s approach to financial planning is both holistic and comprehensive, addressing all aspects of your financial well-being.

With Susan you’ll be working with a Fiduciary and Chartered Financial Consultant® who will…

  • Create a comprehensive Financial Plan for you – Your customized Plan will cover all aspects of your financial life, including asset allocation and projected returns, insurance needs, estate planning, income tax planning, retirement income planning and more.
  • Help you make important decisions – Should you use a windfall (such as an inheritance) to pay off your mortgage? When should you claim Social Security? How much can you afford to spend in retirement? Which Medicare plan is best for you? What should you do with your 401(k) rollover? What steps should you take now to minimize taxes later? Etc.
  • Ensure you address the foreseeable risks  Because the future is unknowable, Susan likes to say that “a portfolio is not a plan.” A portfolio is just a basket of assets. Your Financial Plan will address a wide variety of potential risks, such as:
    • Your portfolio might not perform as anticipated
    • Inflation may exceed historical norms
    • The market might plunge just as you hit retirement age
    • You may eventually require costly long-term care
    • You may live to celebrate your 100th birthday
    • And more

Susan is a “Safety First Advisor.” This means that she’ll show you how you can have a strong foundation, with guaranteed income to cover your expenses and a variety of income sources—including some that are tax-free!

  • Help you address any special circumstances – Do you need to plan for dependents who have special needs? Are you planning for divorce or recovering after a divorce? Do you have a blended family? Do you own a small business? Addressing special situations is part of the financial planning and advising process, too.
  • Provide expert guidance during your retirement – One of Susan’s areas of expertise is the “distribution phase” of retirement. How do you take the assets that you have at retirement and create an income stream for life? Susan will guide you through ways to minimize income taxes, maximize your long-term investment returns and confidently spend money from your retirement nest egg.

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