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Investment Advisory Services

How should you allocate your assets to meet your financial goals? We’ll address everything, from expert investment management to risk reduction, sequence of return planning, long-term care, and more.

Retirement Income Planning

Worried about outliving your money? Would you sleep better at night knowing you have lifetime income to help cover your essentials and multiple income streams—including some that are tax-free!


Did you know tax planning is a vitally important part of retirement planning? Taxes will affect everything from your cash flow and Social Security income to how much you’ll pay for Medicare.

Meet Your Advisor

Susan Marshall  Investment Advisor

As an Investment Advisor Representative and Life/Health Agent, Susan D. Marshall, CLU®, ChFC®, provides financial strategies for retirement as well as comprehensive health and life insurance options.

Susan helps business owners and families improve their retirement plans with strategies that help minimize taxes and maximize security. She also specializes in helping women who find themselves suddenly single strive to achieve financial independence, enjoy renewed confidence and have the ability to live the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Susan graduated from the University of Colorado and holds a lifetime teaching credential from Midwestern State University. In addition to helping over 1,000 clients address their financial needs, Susan has also owned and operated a dance studio, worked in the health and education fields, and navigated the challenges of being suddenly widowed when her three children were young.

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“Protecting Your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care” addresses one of the top financial concerns that keeps many in the “over 50” crowd up at night: How to pay for future long-term care expenses without going broke in the process.

Learn why you cannot or should not count on Medicare or Medicaid (known as Medi-Cal in California) to pay your long-term care bills. Get a deep understanding of traditional long-term care insurance. And get an overview of other potential options for paying for long-term care, from government benefits to private pay solutions.

Protecting Your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care

Get to Know the Rest of the Team

Charisa French

VP Operations, Client Concierge

From her education to her experience, it would be hard to find a person more ideal than Charisa French for this role. Not only is Charisa great with people but also meticulous and stringent with details—a must in a financial services firm!

Lea Ann Hilboldt

Marketing Director

Lea Ann brings a wealth of expertise to her role as our Marketing Director. In addition to her marketing work in the financial services industry, she also has four decades of experience in operations, human resources, analytics, and training/development.

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